Wwoofers are kind and curious people connected to the World Wide Organization of Organic Farms and who are voluntarily helping out with work on a homestead. In return they receive experience, meals and accommodation.

Would you like to be a Wwoofer on our homestead?

What we need from Wwoofers

  • help with whatever current work we have around the homestead, garden, orchard and atelier, varying according to the seasons – the needs of the homestead determine the type of work we do and where we need support
  • learning from Wwoofers
  • connection and a sense of community with like-minded people
  • we are interested in hosting 1 or 2 Wwoofers (this latter a couple, as we have one room to offer)

What we can offer Wwoofers

  • learning whatever Wwoofers feel they can learn on our homestead
  • own room with a cosy patio and separate entrance, ideal for a couple
  • solar shower
  • compost toilet
  • meals: either prepared by us at home OR ordered from the professional social kitchen established in our tiny village. The social kitchen is largely using local raw materials and is dedicated to serve a two-course warm meal, five days a week, for a very reasonable price for the elderly, the less affluent of the region – and the number of these people is not few -, and for anyone requiring it. Ordering meals from the social kitchen contributes to their thriving and continued serving of people in the region.
  • possibility to cook for oneself in separate summer kitchen
  • washing machine
  • walks in the neighbouring hills
  • closeness to Transylvanian wildlife, deers, boars, hares, foxes and bears (but be careful!)
  • a week long visit, possibility for extending
  • WiFi (during the day, it is switched off at night – for avoiding radiation!)
  • and of course: connection.


From May through October


Wwoofers are welcome to request a visit through our official Wwoofer host profile!