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This vest is handwoven of white and green rough Carpathian sheep wool yarn. The green yarn is hand-dyed with red onion skins.
In the traditional Transylvanian household there was no such thing as waste: everything was kept, awaiting a new function, being recycled in due course. The same held for the kitchen: whatever could be recycled, was recycled. Onion skins are a wonderful source of plant dye, providing the warm moss green colour of this vest. The edginess of the pattern is softened by the irregularity by which the zigzag returns on the different sides of the vest.
It is elegant, warm, lightweight, breathable, sustainable, ethical and entirely biodegradable. It is a circular piece of garment: it comes from the soil and returns to the soil, leaving no waste and pollution through its existence.
Suitable for sizes: S/M

Handmade by Orsolya

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