Transylvanian Farm

Our Transylvanian Farm is a nearly hundred years old homestead, which we purchased a few years ago with the thought of continuing the peasant lifestyle Orsolya was born and raised in and which Ralph entered more than twenty years ago when he moved to Transylvania. Small-scale farming, regenerative living, Transylvanian traditions are all part of a heritage we actively and daily work with and hope to pass on to our children.

On our homestead we learn and we teach. We learn by doing, and by asking the elderly we know, the villagers; and of course, also from specialised books and courses.
We teach our children – and anyone interested – by showing, working together, being present and involved.
Parenting, small-scale farming, the circular textile atelier and documentary filmmaking fill pretty much all our days.


  • growing vegetables (producing seedlings, planting, sowing, tending to the garden, harvesting)
  • biological pest control
  • growing fruit – we work with our newly planted fruit trees and berry bushes, and work towards rejuvenating an old orchard nearby the village
  • growing dye plants
  • flax production for fiber – an exciting learning process in progress!


  • daily routine with poultry, goats, cat. Soon we will start with beekeeping as beginner beekeepers.

General homestead work

  • pickling and preserving food
  • making cheese from milk we buy locally in the village
  • chopping winter wood
  • restoration work on the farm
  • brandy making
  • collecting dye plants and medicinal herbs
  • weaving baskets
  • making beeswax candles
  • making soap
  • making our own herbal cosmetic ointments

Atelier work

  • working with wool: washing, carding and spinning wool into yarn
  • weaving woollen and linen fabrics (table loom and a four shaft Glimåkra floor loom)
  • plant-dyeing yarn