The Family

We are an international family, with a passion for regenerative, intentional living. We chose the circular life we lead here in this tiny peasant village in Transylvania, because it directly connects us with the soil, air and water – the most basic elements of life. We are determined to learn and pass on this circular lifestyle first and foremost to our children – but to anyone who would be interested in experiencing it.

Ralph is Dutch, and he has moved from The Netherlands to Transylvania more than twenty years ago. He is a rural development engineer trained at Wageningen University & Research, visual anthropologist, documentary / ethnographic filmmaker and the overall manager of our projects around the homestead, film production company and regenerative textile atelier. He is assistant general secretary of NAFA – Nordic Anthropological Film Association and coordinator of CAFFE – Coordinating Anthropological Film Festivals in Europe.

Orsolya is Hungarian, born and raised in rural Transylvania as the eldest daughter in a small-scale peasant family. She is a professional weaver, plant-dyer, visual anthropologist, documentary / ethnographic filmmaker, Transylvanian ethnographer and fiber artist certified in circular fashion, art, design and science in a sustainable clothing industry. She is running the regenerative textile atelier.

We have two children: a seven and a one year old son (2023). Our family is multilingual, we speak Dutch and Hungarian within the family.

On our Transylvanian Farm we speak fluent Hungarian, Dutch, English, Norwegian and Romanian.

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